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hey friend!

My name is Dawn and I enjoy capturing the most special moments for you with my camera. I have always been enamored with photography and have always viewed it as my artistic outlet.  From the time I was a small child, I fought over the family’s chunky Kodak camera to be our official family photographer. I have always had an eye for framing the scene and a love of nature and people. Capturing a moment in time has always brought me happiness.

When I had children, they became my muses.  I began studying them, enjoying them, photographing them.  I started buying DSLR’s, then lenses, then an upgraded full frame DSLR, then more lenses.  You get the picture (no pun intended!) Just as my life and my photography passions were being perfected, I was diagnosed with cancer.  During this time, I realized just how much MORE precious photos are in documenting your time here on earth.  It became much more urgent to photograph our days together, and to capture these precious and fleeting moments.  Fortunately for me and my family, I have achieved complete remission and restored health. I made myself a promise – if I were to survive cancer, I would embrace happiness and pursue photography to its fullest.  I’ve learned the hard way that life is too short not to love what you do, and I’m truly lucky to reside here in gorgeous Hawaii, living my passion and dream of capturing these moments for other families and couples.  I believe life goes to by too fast, our children grow too quickly; they change a little bit more every day. I feel strongly we must all take time out of our busy lives to memorize these snippets of time. I love capturing those moments in time that you will treasure forever. Whether it’s weddings, newborns, family vacations or engagement sessions, I am honored to be a part of every moment for my clients.

I love photographing people, places and things. Sharing my gift with others makes me happy and I hope it makes you happy too.

i'm so glad you are here!

Love, Dawn

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Love, Dawn

I used to be afraid of flying in a helicopter and now I cannot WAIT to get into one!  Due to my cancer diagnosis, I have learned to not put life on hold and to embrace your fears.  Life it too short not to take that ride!  I have shot some of my most stunning fine art landscapes on board of a helicopter, and I wouldn't trade that for the world!

fun fact number one

My husband and I were married ten years ago in Princeville, Kauai.  The north shore of Kauai might be my favorite spot in the entire world. There is something so magical about the majestic mountain ranges, the dramatic waterfalls, the dreamy sunsets and the rugged and lush terrain.  Do yourself a favor and book a trip to this magical isle someday!

fun fact number two

I'm afraid of the ocean. Yes, I LOVE being around it, but don't always enjoy being IN it. Must be the fact I watched Jaws WAY too many times when I was a kid.  I do push myself to snorkel though, and once in, I'm mesmerized by the tranquility and beauty below the surface.  At least living here I have plenty of opportunities to get in and get over that fear!

fun fact number three

I absolutely LOVE traveling! If I could be a professional traveler and get paid for it, I'd be IN!  I believe our children got the travel bug from me.  My son, who is five, says he "loves hotels" and is always asking when we will be headed off on our next adventure.  Hopefully my husband and I will be able to take them around the world, in search of culture and fantastic views!

fun fact number four

I really don't like breakfast, although I do love breakfast foods!  Eating early in the morning has never appealed to me (with the exception of coffee, LOTS of coffee, please!)  I enjoy Eggs Benedict ANYTIME of day, and am completely agreeable to "breakfast for dinner" as an option.  Now I'm hungry - off to find some brunch somewhere! Thanks for reading and getting to know me better.  Looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you better too! 

fun fact number five

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